Nfc Faydasıçok İnşaat

NFC has been founded by Hasan Faydasicok in Istanbul. The company’s field of activity involves construction contract works, official and private building activities.

Hasan Faydasicok has founded BUSAN Industry in 1995. He has completed 600 workplaces with BUSAN 1, BUSAN 2, BUSAN 3, which have 500m2, 1000m2 and 1500m2 indoor spaces respectively, and has delivered them to their owners. Also, he has finished the constructions of KOSGEB building and Konya‘s biggest mosque.

TOSB Otomotiv Yan Sanayi İhtisas O.S.B. 1.Cadde No:17 Şekerpınar, Çayırova Kocaeli

+90 262 676 70 00

+90 262 676 70 19



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