Social Responsibility

In order to develop a corporate approach for our efforts on education and to keep our founder and honorary president Mr. Hasan Faydasicok’s name alive, Hasan Faydasicok Educational Foundation has been founded in 2016 with a principle of being a charity aiming for creating social benefit.

Our foundation is designing projects in order to support primarily disadvantaged children, youngsters, children and youth. These projects support them to become rationalist, independent thinking, modern, inquisitive individuals who have good education and profession. The projects also support individuals who cannot get a good education because of financial restrictions.

Hasan Faydasicok Educational Foundation

Our Faydasıçok Vakfı Social Responsibility Policy
Not just living; creating value to life is our biggest responsibility!

We are offering benefit, not mere help for every subject we deal with.
As Faydasıçok Vakfı, we care about being a follower and solution partner regarding “society”, “education”, “environment” and other social requirements. We aim to move our volunteerism spirit beyond just helpfulness.

With organizational support of Faydasıçok Vakfı, our volunteers within individual or group initiatives helps other lives to become , who operate with Faydasıçok Vakfı’s organizational support, are meditating other lives to become more fruitful.

As Faydasıçok Vakfı, we started our journey to enrich others’ lives and we carry on with a strong faith.

We are working for equal opportunities in education…
In all educational fields, Faydasıçok Vakfı Volunteers aims to benefit to society.

Since the day we are founded, we are supporting students and education in all levels from elementary schools to universities; and we are providing basic requirements such as toys, clothes, education materials and basic necessities. By means of both our own initiatives and collaborations, we are giving effort to support equal education all across Turkey.

We are acting with new world’s environmental consciousness…
Factors threating our world are consistently changing. Last century’s problems are now being replaced by global warming, drought, disforestation and clean water shortages.

Faydasıçok Vakfı Volunteers take action starting from their own lives in order to minimize the negative effects of the period we live in on the environment and to protect and develop the environment. All volunteers, as environmentally-conscious individuals, are taking personal initiatives for delivering a clean environment to our children.
Faydasıçok Vakfı Volunteers are also developing and supporting transformative projects by cooperating with civil society organizations from other areas.
We know that the new and changing environmental requirements necessitate the development and spreading of awareness with solid real life projects.

We aim for sustainable benefit…
Faydasıçok Vakfı Volunteers willingly have the sense of responsibility in topics regarding society.

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